Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Adventures in Italy-Part 1

This is a blog post from Mrs. Lowe and Ms. Dowd (Linwood School)

Our adventure began on Saturday afternoon when we flew out of Winnipeg...three planes, two busses, two trains, and a taxi later, we finally arrived in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

We were so excited to get here we couldn't wait to go explore this new city. We were amazed at the beautiful architecture and the fabulous weather. 

On Monday, we were introduced to the Loris Malaguzzi centre where we are doing most of our learning. We are meeting and networking with amazing educators from all over Canada.

Over the past two days, we have visited many different learning centres. We have participated in rich dialogue with the teachers at these early learning centres. We are taking many notes and are doing our best to sketch all the different learning environments. 
(To respect the rights of the children, we have been asked not to take pictures.)

In the evenings we have been exploring the city and all of its shops, people and tasty treats!

Dear Room 8 Kids, I miss you very much and hope you are learning a lot and having fun! 
-Love Mrs. Lowe 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Grocery Store Inquiry

Earlier this week we were making our Play Plans when two girls in our class announced that they wanted to play grocery store in our house. I asked them if they had everything they needed and they started to list some objects that would help them. Soon they had written a whole list!

The next day I gathered as many of the items from their list as possible and rearranged some of the furniture in our house. When the students arrived they were SO excited to see that we had a grocery store in our classroom. At Thinking and Learning time, everyone wanted to play in the store.

We decided we should give our store a name and put up a sign. We also made a small restaurant next to the store and one student set up her own bank so people could get the money they needed to buy

In just a few short days the students have already learned a lot. They are able decide on a store manager, set the timer to time shifts, take turns with the cash register, and sort food into baskets. I can't wait to hear about what they learn in the next two weeks.

Speaking of the next two weeks, as many of you know, I will be in Italy on a Reggio Emilia Study Tour.

While I am away I will do my best to update the blog with updates, photos, and reflections about all of the things I am learning in Italy. Please check back soon!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Music Monday

Launched in 2005 by The Coalition for Music Education, Music Monday is the world’s largest single event dedicated to raising awareness for music education. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and music makers participate in a simultaneous nationwide concert performance of an original song written by a Canadian artist.  /

Thanks to Ms. Rempel and the students of Stevenson School for such a beautiful performance.