Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Flu Season

This is a copy of the information from the note that went home yesterday and the blog post on the Stevenson Blog.


Flu season is now upon us. We have had several cases of the flu already this year at the school. We will be reminding students about practicing good daily strategies to avoid getting sick: washing your hands with soap and water often throughout the day and always before you eat, getting enough sleep every night, being physically fit, and eating healthy foods.

Please continue to teach your child(ren) at home about the importance of these daily practices in order to keep healthy.

You can also go to the WRHA site to find out information about their free flu shot clinics in our area next week: St. James Flu Clinic

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Baby Tora Day!

Please note: This was actually a post from last week. For some reason I thought it had been published but it had not.

Today was our first family visit for the Roots of Empathy program. Mommy Margo and Baby Tora came to visit. We are so excited to have baby Tora as our new tiny teacher!

Today we talked about all of the things she can do and can't do yet.

We gave her a toy and watched to see what she would do with it.

We also measured her to see how big she is. We will continue to measure her each month so that we can watch her grow.

Here's what we had to say about her visit.

Mrs. Lowe took 47 pictures. -Justin

She knows how to play but she doesn't know how to hold a toy -Jolena

Baby Tora is so cute and I really want to see her very soon. -Charlotte

We took a picture with all of our friends. -Yuan

We took lots of pictures of baby Tora -Matthew

Baby Tora taught us how to use our manners. -Parker

She is our new teacher - Isabella

She was little - Renee

Baby Tora is so cute - Alfonso

It warmed my heary to see how quiet and gentle the students in our class were. They did an excellent job of making Tora feel welcome and safe in our classroom. -Mrs. Lowe

Monday, 13 October 2014

Room 8 Gives Thanks

This week we spent a lot of time talking about Thanksgiving traditions and what each of us are thankful for.