Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kid Blogs

You might notice some new links on the right hand side of our blog. The links are to each child's individual student blog.

These are a special type of blog where each post and comment is sent to the teacher for approval before being published. Even when your child presses the "publish" button, the post is sent to me for approval.

Your child will be able to publish photos and videos of their work at school.  In class we have been working on blog posts together so students are becoming more familiar with what a good blog post should include.

In the beginning, I may include a translation under their writing as some student writing is difficult to read.

We have also talked about the things we need to do to be safe and responsible digital citizens.

  • Do not post pictures of your face.
  • Do not share information about yourself including your last name, address, or where you will be.
  • Only write things that are kind.
  • Do your best work.

As parents, you can help us by looking at your child's blog and leaving comments. Please make sure to only include your first name or mom, dad, etc. We do not want your child identified by first and last name. 

Students are welcome to blog from home once I have blogged with them at school and they know their password.

If you have any questions about student blogging, please feel free to contact me at the school.

-Mrs. Lowe

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day

Today we celebrated Earth Day by spending the entire day outside. The students only went inside to go to the washroom and eat their lunch.

In the morning it was a little cool but by the afternoon the sun was out and jackets came off!

Please check our Twitter feed on the right hand side of the blog for highlights. Here are a couple other photos from today.

We used rocks with our names on them to answer the sign in question.

Collecting garbage to clean up our playground.

Everyone worked as a team!

Eating our snack on the picnic blanket.

Writing Earth Day messages with sidewalk chalk. 

What will you do to help our Earth?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Tim Hortons

On Friday, I was doing a little cleaning and I came across some items from Tim Hortons that I had used to help create a dramatic play centre with last year's class. Rather than throwing them out I asked the kiddos if they would like to use them.

In years past, I have roll played and carefully set up what I thought would make a great play area.  This year I left it all up to the kids. I didn't even manage how many children could play in the centre (this is a big deal when you like to have control over things).

As usual, my students surprised and impressed me!

I observed:
-amazing vocabulary (order, server, cash register, change, wallet, coffee, cappuccino, etc)
-wonderful manners and conversations
-problem solving ("This Tim Hortons is crazy busy, we need to make a line!")
-math (making money and paying for items, counting how many donuts go in the box)
-creative thinking (organizing how the restaurant and drive through would be set up)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Exploring Foods

When the students arrive each Monday there are four new discovery tables for them to explore. This week, one of the tables had a whole bunch of play food, and placemats with two plates on each. I asked the students if they could find a way to sort the food.

Some students chose to sort the foods by colour. 
Students then made a PicCollage to share their learning. 
Taking photos and adding labels using the iPads.
During discovery time, I purposely leave the activities open ended. I did not tell them to sort the foods in a particular way. I am almost always surprised and pleased to see the creative ways students explore the materials provided.

After discovery time we go to the carpet for our morning meeting. This time often includes reviewing activities from the day before, sharing objects we have brought from home (that connect to our learning), looking at our calendar and doing activities on the Smart Board. 

Today we talked about the food explorations the students were working on. 
I asked them what they could tell me about healthy foods. Here is what the students had to say:

Carrots and soup and brocolli are really healthy for you. - Bryce 
Did you know that vegetables grow in the garden? - Ethan
You gotta eat rice so it's good for your eyes. - Essence
Celery is good for you. - Danica
Broccoli is good for you. - Dante
Apple juice is healthy. - Ken
You better eat strawberries cause they're really good. - Denise
Carrots are good for your eyes. - Ellie
Do you want to know what's the healthiest food in your life? Breakfast. - Tayna
If you eat too much junk food, you might get sick and die. - Elryck
Pizza is good for you.  - Caleb.
Apples are good for you. - Autumn

"Healthy and bad"
Why should we eat healthy food? - Mrs. Lowe
Because it makes you grow up. - Denise
It makes you healthy for your whole body. - Essence
If you dont eat healthy food your teeth will rot. You have to eat healthy food and you still have to brush your teeth. - Dante
They will make your heart strong and they will make you grow muscles. - Danica
It helps your body grow.- Ellie
We eat healthy fgood because if we dont, we might get hurt. -Elryck
Healthy foods make you strong. - Cassie
If we eat junk food you will just puke. If you don't eat junk food and you eat good food you will not puke. - Gabriel
Healthy foods help you fight the sweets you have in your body and you will live. - Tayna
If you eat junk food and you don't eat healthy food you might die. - Journey
Some stuff is not healthy so you don't eat them. You eat the healthy stuff first and then you eat the other stuff. - Essence
"Healthy food and treats"
I am very excited to see where this inquiry will take us. Please feel free to add to our discussion at home. Students are welcome to bring in books or objects that connect to our learning on this topic. 

Monday, 24 March 2014


Last week, on March 20th, we celebrated International Day of Happiness! We did lots of things throughout the day that made us happy. Doing things that make us happy helps to build community in our classroom and our world!

One of the things that makes us the most happy is DANCING!

We watched these great videos that were inspired by Pharrell Williams song and video called "Happy."

It was cool to see places we known Winnipeg!

This video was made to help show hope after typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines. The kids in our class LOVED the breakdancing.

Stay tuned for our own kindergarten version, coming soon!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Spirit Week Details

Next week will be an exciting week at Stevenson. There is a lot going on!

The Stevenson school parent council has decided to raise money for The Dream Factory. They are a charitable organization dedicated to fulfilling dreams for kids who are battling life threatening illnesses.

In order to raise money, each student is asked to bring $1 per day to participate in spirit week activities.

Monday - Comfy Cozy Monday: Wear your pajamas to school (ensure they are clean and appropriate please).

Tuesday - Mismatch Day: Wear your clothes inside out/backwards, mismatched, etc.

Wednesday - Crazy Hat Day: Wear a silly hat, or any hat.

Thursday - Crazy Hair Day: See how outrageous or bizarre you can style your hair.

Friday - Sports Day: Wear your favourite sports team shirt or jersey.

As well, we are asking family and friends to help out by making a donation. For those who make a personal donation of $15 or more, a tax receipt will be issued (the amount column was cut off on the form you received, please add one so tax receipts can be issued). If you would like a new form, please let me know and I will send one with your child on Monday. 

Each student who participates will receive a Dream Cloud Factory sticker and a Dream Cloud they can sign and display outside the school office.

Students who participate will also be entered to will some great prizes!

The classroom who raises the most money will get a popcorn party, donated by parent council.